What is the Collaborative Learning School?

The Collaborative Learning School is a small-group, child-centered, instructor-lead homeschool in Atlanta. 

Who can enroll in the Collaborative Learning School?

The Collaborative Learning School is open to children who will be 4 or 5 years old as of September 3, 2019.

How is the Collaborative Learning School structured?

The school will meet 3 days a week for 4 hours, September through May. We will work with parents to determine the best days & times to meet. The school will have a home-base within the city limits of Atlanta but will also meet on-site for various field trips & activities. 

How many students will the Collaborative Learning School have?


When does the school start?

September 3, 2019.

Who is leading the Collaborative Learning School?

While I have always intended on homeschooling my daughter when the time came, finding the right partner to make it happen was always my top concern. After knowing Kim Warren as a friend for 10 years, knowing her professional background and watching her interact with my own daughter, I was very excited to approach her with this idea and I am so happy to have her willingness to try this with me.

Besides being just an awesome, genuine person, Kim has had years of experience working with and educating children of all backgrounds, studied sociology at the University of North Carolina, and has a whole slew of certifications you'd want any person spending time with your children to have. I won't list her whole resume here but will certainly send it along to any interested parents.

What kind of education will my child receive?

Our goal is to offer a holistic foundation. While your child will be learning the basics that all children this age would be learning, we also want to really focus on integrative, intersectional material that is often lacking in more traditional educational settings. 

How will my child be educated?

Our team leader will blend various teaching formats, including structured lesson plans, hands-on activities, and field trips to create a diverse educational experience for your child.

Who is a good fit for the Collaborative Learning School?

Families that would like to offer their child a personalized homeschool experience and have some flexibility in their schedule and/or aren't interested in the 8AM-3PM, M-F structure of traditional educational options.

What is the fee for the Collaborative Learning School?

$720/month for the full 3 days a week. This full amount goes directly to the instructor and it covers your child's care and schooling. 

There is a possibility for alternative/part-time arrangements. Contact us with what you have in mind. The rate will generally be $15/hr.

Is there financial assistance available?

There is some need-based assistance available. Contact for more information.

Are there other costs or fees?

There is no application or enrollment fee. There may be fees associated with field trips or activities but there will be need-based coverage options for any of those costs.

Why choose homeschooling via the Collaborative Learning School?

As more and more parents look for options outside of public & private schools, homeschooling has become a more popular choice. However, many parents still have reservations - it's often seen as an unrealistic or inaccessible option for various reasons, including their own doubts about their ability to actually teach their children. The Collaborative Learning School will help to ease some of these concerns by bringing in a qualified, dedicated instructor to take on the majority or even all of your child's schooling.

The Collaborative School also recognizes that most other school options were structured not around the best learning environment for children, but instead around the traditional 9 to 5, Monday through Friday work week of the parent. In an age where more people are becoming entrepreneurs, freelancers, working from home or have otherwise alternative schedule, The Collaborative School will focus on building a school that is structured to reflect this changing reality and make the best use of your child's time rather than filling their hours with busy work for 30+ hours a week.

The beauty of home-schooling is it allows you total flexibility. While we intend to offer a complete educational experience during the hours we meet at the Collaborative Learning School, you are able to supplement this with your own additional homeschooling pursuits. 

Another aspect of the Collaborative School is we want as much parental engagement as you can give. If you've always dreamed of being involved in your child's educational experience in a meaningful way, this will be a great option for you. While our team leader is more than capable, she is excited to work with parents who bring their own expertise, talents, and ideas to make a truly collaborative effort. 

How do I express interest or get more information?

Email general@ceciatl.com . Introduce yourself/your child and tell us a little about your family!