Welcome to femmeSpace! This page will lay out the rules, policies, and pretty much everything else you need to know about the space. Please enter your name in the boxes to acknowledge you've read, understand, and agree to abide by these policies. This will be kept on file as well as emailed to you for your records.

General Policies

Clean up after yourself, including throwing away any trash, replacing any equipment/furniture you moved and cleaning up any spills immediately.

No smoking in the space!

One guest at a time per member during open hours. You must remain on-site with your guest at all times. Please note femmeSpace reserves the right to update the guest policy based on how crowded/busy the space is.


Only use the space during open hours or during your private rentals.

The first two hours of every open session are "quiet hours". This means please be considerate and keep your conversations, music, and noise to a minimum. If you are doing something that makes a lot of noise, please come at a time other than quiet hours or reserve private time.

Ask before turning on background music and bring headphones in if you think you'll be disturbed by a little light conversation :) 

Remember to check in and check out when you and arrive and leave via the system. This helps other members know who else/how many people are currently there.

Please take note of the start and end times for open hours and make every effort not to surpass these hours, as there may be private rentals scheduled and the space needs to be vacant at the beginning of this time.

If you notice we are running low on any office supplies/toiletries, or notice something isn't working, please leave us a note on the whiteboard or send me an email.

Because this is a storefront, at times people will walk into the space mistaking it for another store, to ask for money, being nosy, etc. For this reason, it's generally best to keep the door locked when you are in the space. 


You are responsible for managing your enrollment at femmeSpace using the Habu platform, including cancelling before the next billing period should you decide not to continue as a member. Members are allowed to cancel, take a break, etc. but please note that any membership vacancies will be opened to new members 24 hours after the beginning of the billing period and femmeSpace cannot guarantee there will be space to rejoin at a later date.

Equipment Rentals & Reservations

All equipment is available for rental/reservation through the Habu platform. If there is any fee associated with the rental, you will see it listed on the equipment page. Your reservation begins at your scheduled time. If you do not begin using the equipment within 15 minutes of your scheduled time, it will be considered free and you will not be charged. 

If you have reserved equipment, you will be given instructions on how to access the equipment or it will be left out for you on the desk.

If there are no prior conflicting reservations, all equipment is considered first-come first-serve. 

You are responsible for any damages to result to equipment or the space as a result of using the equipment.

Invoices for equipment will be sent the day of use and are due within 24 hours.

Some equipment may be taken home/off-site. Items that can be taken home will have the fee listed on the equipment page. To arrange an overnight rental, please contact me at general@ceciatl.com

femmeSpace is not liable for any damages or losses that result due to misuse of equipment. If you are unsure of how to use something, please set up a time for a tutorial using the Habu platform!

Lockbox Access

You will be assigned lockbox access that will allow you to use the lockbox. The lockbox contains a key to lock/unlock the door. Please replace the key in the box immediately after unlocking the door. Please do not share your code. If you are the only person present when leaving the space, please use the key to lock the door.

Private Rentals

Gold and Platinum memberships include 5/10 hours of included private use. These hours can be booked during private hours and will allow you to use the space exclusively. This only includes use of the space and equipment rental fees (if any) will apply. All free equipment is available during private rentals.


The capacity for private use is 60 persons. The rental minimum is 1 hour.

At this time, bronze and silver members are also allowed to book prime hours at a rate of $25/hr.


The cancellation policy regarding prime rentals and other specific policies will be sent prior to booking your reservation.

To book a prime rental, contact me directly at general@ceciatl.com


Small items that can fit in the storage closet may be left overnight. femmeSpace is not responsible for losses or damages that are incurred by items left in the space. Locked storage can be provided for an additional fee.


All street parking is free, as well as garage parking. There may be instances where the garage charges a fee for parking due to an event. femmeSpace cannot guarantee the availability of parking for you or your clients and cannot reimburse parking fees for the garage in the case of an event.

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