i was recently thinking about how lucky i am to be able to travel as a mom. i love traveling with my daughter but traveling alone has also been hugely beneficial to me and something i think all women and moms should experience. there's a lot of reasons women don't travel but one of the biggest is obviously financial constraints and so this is my way of trying to spread some opportunity around. this entry form is for an all-expense* paid trip to negril, jamaica on the dates of 10/2/2019-10/7/2019. this is open to any mother** 21+. it's a "mommy freetreat"! (lmaooo sorry i had to). 3 women will be selected.

the accommodation is a really cute beachfront villa at the idle awhile resort (click here to check it out). you'll get your own room, bed, and bathroom so you can TRULY have the good night's rest i know you haven't had since your child was born 

*included: lodging, roundtrip airfare to & from the nearest international airport, airport transfer from MBJ to villa and back, 3 meals a day, 2-3 local activities i have planned & tips.

not included: souvenirs/gifts, food outside of breakfast, lunch, dinner, any additional travel fees including passport expenses*** or travel to/from airport, childcare expenses, other miscellaneous fees.

**while i think all mothers should travel & get breaks when they can, im really hoping to reach women who haven't had the opportunity to travel without their husbands/boyfriends/baby daddies/kids and don't anticipate having the chance in the foreseeable future. this is an "honor-system" thing here, i'm not gonna ask you for tax returns or anything lol, but if this is something you've done or could do, please leave this opportunity for women who haven't been able to or can't. all moms deserve breaks.

***if you don't have a passport please visit https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html to verify you're able to meet the requirements and perform the necessary steps in the next couple weeks to get your passport. i can't help with getting birth certificates or social security cards, but financial assistance is available if you need it

you can enter below. you don't need to follow me or anything, winners will be randomly selected using a selection tool and notified by email on august 7th.

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Winners will be notified on Aug 7, 2019.